Stealing the Presidency in broad daylight?

Dave Dittrich
13 min readApr 22, 2019

Collusion, collaboration, coordination, conspiracy… It’s cheating to win the Presidency with the help of a foreign power, the kind of cheating the Founding Fathers were afraid might happen one day. It’s all bad. And it may happen again in the 2020 election, if we let it!

The Mueller Report is now public.

Is it a total exoneration? Vindication? A witch hunt? “No collusion?” No, none of those are true. If you live in a world based on facts, evidence, and logical consistency in coming to conclusions, those are absurd assertions belied by the facts.

Donald Trump won the election through a majority of Electoral College votes. The Electoral College gives an advantage to states with smaller populations, allowing someone who gets tens of millions fewer popular votes nation-wide than their opponent to appear to have won by a “landslide” in terms of Electoral College votes. Hundreds of times at rallies around the country were mentions of Wikileaks, Hillary’s emails, followed by Pavlovian chants of “Lock her up!” Much of the fodder for that anti-Clinton rhetoric was false, promoted by David Pecker and his National Enquirer (who conspired to bury true stories and publish voluminous actual fake news stories) and by a brigade of false personas, targeted at unsuspecting Americans using unethically and illegally obtained information, and amplified by some of the most advanced computer programming ever developed (some it designed for malicious reasons, others for opaque profit motives).

I previously analyzed all of the myriad problems surrounding “hacking an election”. You can find the previous articles here:

This present article deals with two inter-related aspects of “election hacking”: the compromise of the integrity of voter perceptions and compromise of the confidentiality of campaign communications. The Mueller Report, Volume I, Section III, Russian Hacking and Dumping Operation (pp. 36–65, PDF pp. 44–73) covers the details of these compromises.

How to steal an election

Multiple assessments by the Intelligence Community, Vol. I Section III, and Grand Jury indictments resulting from Special Counsel…

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